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Building relationships starts within our own company.  We believe a partnership among employees is what makes us great.  From the office to the field, our team works together to get the job done.  We value respect and integrity both on and off each project.  


At RAZORBACK LLC, talented people with widely diverse experience enable us to work effectively.  Our limitless capabilities allow us to complete projects comprised of an extensive range of trades and skill levels.  We have  knowledgeable superintendents and field crews, in addition to efficient and responsive project managers ready to complete your project. 


Communication is key!  From start to finish, RAZORBACK LLC is always available.  Whether it's a small project, or a multi year service agreement- we make sure we meet and exceed our client's expectations every time. 


Managing Member

Founded in 2008, Anthony Houllis quickly became a leader in the industrial construction field.  Personally overseeing each project, Anthony provides management assistance from start to finish.  Although he was initially drawn to the field, he has come to realize how influential he  could be in more of a leadership role.  With a "Never Give Up, There is Nothing We Can't Conquer" mindset, Razorback LLC'S "NO LIMIT" philosophy has become a reality. 

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